What is all this hooplah?

they act like they’ve never seen a hula hoop before 😛 okay… you’ve probably never seen a hula hoop like >THIS< before.

“Are you practicing for something?” asks the lady I spotted circling the park during my first burn of the day. Nothing in particular, i explain. a few things here and there….oh and did i mention THE HOOP CONVERGENCE?!?!?! 🙂 “What’s a hoop convergence?” Impossibly i tried to convey the magic  of  such an event, in 100 words or less (surly someone who has never had a good hooping experience would never understand the magnitude of a hoop gathering) Surprisingly i haven’t scared her away yet, this is always a good sign. “Do they have anything like that around here?” she inquires. I tell her about a few local meet-ups around whetstone, and also my aspiring goal of getting a solid hoop troupe together and meeting on a weekly basis. I encourage her to look out for us and join whenever she can. It may have been the first time she realized i was trying to recruit her. “Oh no, I can’t Hoop, I’m a reporter with the Columbus Dispatch.”  “Anyone can hoop!” I retort >.<  (insert foot in mouth, this lady is obviously not here to learn to hoop) Fast forward a few minuets in conversation,  i learn she’d like to do something up in the paper. us.the hoop.FIRE. and city skyline. Im in hoop bliss. and just one problem, i have nothing with my information on it to give her, so the best we can do is look out for each other in the area again.

I NEED BUSINESS CARDS! In fact, I need them like yesterday. A website would be nice too. I feel like Columbus may be ready for the hoop scene, and for once i don’t feel ready for it. So this is my goal. in this order, website, cards, career in hooping. okay maybe not that last part, i realize i will always have to work a “real” job. but since i’ve spent so much on my hoops, why not let it pay me back a bit, right ? I’ve got two parties coming up in June that I’ve been hired as entertainment, and i feel if i had a website and cards it would just look so much more…well…professional. All this is so new, and i feel like my little heart could explode hoops and rainbows all over this city 🙂


~ by ullaoop on May 11, 2010.

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