4 days in counting!

Oh wow how time flies, and honestly, it doesn’t matter if your having fun or not. In only 4 days i will be leaving this god-forsaken job and trading in my dress attire for yoga pants 🙂 I’m so excited for the Hoop Convergence that saying you feel “like a kid on Christmas” is a understatement. I have been looking forward to this for what seems like an eternity, but more realistically it’s only been a few months. I’m nervous and anxious that I’m not going to be on the same level as some of this amazingly inspiring hoopers. I’m sure by the time we do opening circle these insecurities will just melt away 🙂 I video taped myself yesterday so that when i come home i can see what kind of progress has actually occurred.

On a not-so-lighter note…. I met up with some local hoopers for that newspaper article on Friday, and i was pretty bummed out by the way some of them were treating my friends and I. Things got awkward pretty fast. I felt a huge divide between us who were newer to the group and those who had apparently been hooping together for some time. For example when i walked up and didnt know anyone of them, i introduced myself  “Hi im Elaine” i smiled from ear to ear….nothing… okay….so maybe they’re shy? so i shut my trap and pick up my hoop. One girl in particular was staring us up and down so hard i thought her eyes were going to produce lazer beams that would stop my heart cold. I continued to try and play nice saying things about how beautiful there hoops were, or how i liked the move they were doing. I have never felt so much like i didn’t belong somewhere before. Then as things were winding down and we were all getting ready to leave, one of those incredibly unfriendly girls came up to me, gave me her business card, and asked if id want to join her fire troupe….???!!!??? took me a little off guard, like what alien possessed you early to be a total bitch to me, then invite into your intimate setting? needless to say NO THANK YOU!

aside from getting the totally wrong vibe off this girl, i have a big problem with fire troupes and there stupid politics. i will burn with whoever i want, whenever i want, wherever i want. I’ll be damned if you i let someone restrict who im allowed to spin with. stupid fire mafia….


~ by ullaoop on May 17, 2010.

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