Hoop Convergence recap

One speeding ticket, and 8 hours later, we arrived in Carrboro ready to get our jam on! sheepishly we walk up, sign in, and get assigned our cabin. After getting our things situated we head up to the main jam and sit, staring, in awe of all the talent that will be whirling around us for the next few days.  I don’t know if was tired, or overwhelmed, or feeling like a complete newb, but i couldn’t even bring myself to hoop during the first jam. every 30 seconds or so steven or I would gawk “DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?” It was exhilarating, and also slightly freighting all at the same time. During opening circle we were told to say our name, and one word describing how we felt. “Elaine,” i said “Humbled”. and boy was that an understatment!

Night one, hoop jam by the lake. oh goodness what a taste of what there was to come, again i did more watching then participating, but i was okay with this. i was just trying to absorb any and everything i could. I had never been surrounded by so much talent, or so many LED hoops. it was bliss. They had the coolest gadgets and tools, like an LED hoop taller then me! I checked in pretty early anticipating the long day of workshops ahead. and by early i mean like 1am. some of these people stayed out till like 5 every night, and were at breakfast the next day by 8. Those people I refer to as “hoop warriors”.

Day one of classed were freaking amazing. Rich’s workshop blew my mind wide open, learning about his mathematical theory to the hoop only furthered my belief that he was in fact a hoop god. With his end performance nearly moving me to tears, it was the perfect end to the perfect day.

Days 2 and 3 were a blur. Hoop, eat, hoop, bliss, eat, sleep. Standing out in my mind was the fire night. Tons of people lighting up for the first time, the energy was out of this world! i love seeing people do there virgin burns, the looks on there faces were priceless.

I also had the honnor of buying Shatkis LED hoop off of her. IT IS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!! im so in love.

and our last day, the ball! we had so much fun, all of us getting dressed up in our craziest hoop gear and giving it our last hooplah! Finally feeling completely unified as a cabin, it was very sad to see the week end. I hold a special place in my heart for all the beautiful people i met at The Hoop Convergence 2010 and I’m already looking forward to next year, going back, and being apart of the magic again 🙂


~ by ullaoop on June 1, 2010.

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