Happy Hoopiversary to me :)

Ahhhhh its been one whole year as a circle girl 🙂 and i couldnt be a happier (hoopier) camper! It seems like just yesterday i was standing off to the side of a party timidly trying to learn how to float up and down. The weird looks i used to get were more along the lines of “is this girl having a seizure” or “i dont trust you doing that around my things” now anybody who sees me is probably thinking “wow this girl should get a real hobby” and with one years time i’ve learned that no matter what others are thinking, it makes ME feel good. Instead of getting angry and shoving a hoop in your face (sorry nick) im more inclined to think that i feel bad for those who are so close minded they cant see the beauty in it. MY GOD how this silly toy has changed my life. one year ago today my self-estem was in shambles and i would not of considered myself good at anything. Now i can honestly say that ive found my niche and its the most beautiful gift that fate (and heather) have ever taught me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! And i can’t even begin to understand how i’ve gotten so lucky to have met so many beautiful souls that i instantly have connections with it just because they understand the art of flow. thank you to all who have reached out and rejuvenated my soul this year I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


~ by ullaoop on October 2, 2010.

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