a bit about me

•May 5, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I was born in raised in Columbus, Ohio. Ever since my childhood people considered me a “free spirit”. When i was younger this used to bug me, however now i’d consider it a compliment. I went to Olentangy from my kindergarten year till i graduated. During my school years I morphed in and out of different groups of friends and stereotypes. With the help and support of my family i graduated in 2007 and was on my way to adulthood.

After graduating i attended Aveda Institute Columbus. In February of 2008 i became a licensed Esthetician. I’m not currently practicing, but when the economy improves i see myself in a treatment room. Making people feel good is my favorite 🙂

Now on to the hoop part… I had seen hoopers at Bonnaroo 06. They intrigued me, and i knew that it was something i wanted to try out. long story short, like most things in my early-adulthood, i became quickly discouraged and gave up. my hoops collected dust at my parents house until this past year. i would consider my real “hoop anniversary” to be October 2009. The rebirth of my hoop path began with a friend of mine i had met at Rothbury 08′. It was her first festival, and more importantly her first time seeing hoopers before. She informed me she would be one of those girls by next year. It wasnt until Rothbury 09′ that we met back up and i saw first hand what one year of solid practice could do. We started hanging out more, and in October i devoted my life to my hoop. On Halloween weekend of that same month, I had my “virgin burn”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this terminology, calm down, it refers to someones first time with fire practice. I WAS HOOKED, and there was no turning back.

Fast forward a few months, countless bruises, and hours upon hours of practice later. It was then i bought my LED hoop, and then 2 weeks later my fire hoop. I could go on and on about these two, but i wont bore you by gushing about how in love i am with my hoops. Finally, i wasn’t just some crazy girl who liked to do the hula dance, people actually started taking it more seriously. I had two professional hoops and a go-get-em attitude. Me and my rings were gonna take on the world 😉

Now, 5 months or so after investing in my PSI and TC hoops, i cant even believe how far i’ve come. Of course there are hoopers out there who have only been doing this as long as me, who can rock the shit out of there hoops better then me, but that’s not what anyone’s hoop path is about. It has been the most life changing thing i have done for myself. Its my meditation, stress relief, exercise, and of course # 1 past time. On an almost daily basis, i pick up my hoop and let my energy flow through it. I realize this blog will probably make me sound crazy, trust me, if someone  would of said this to me a year ago from today, i would think they were nuts too. But with the loving support of the hooping community, i have been able to take this addiction to a different level. I’m thankful every day for the sites i came across, and the people i have met through them!

It’s getting late, or i could seriously go on for hours about this lol. I will update soon, i hope you enjoyed.

Peace & Love